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    Unanswered: How to monitor row's page number

    Hi, folks, I'm currently using DB2 UDB v 8.2 on Linux Redhat 4. I'm having trouble in finding a way to show my table's row's page number.

    Is there anyway to show it in table (as a column I mean) ? Or at least, is it possible to show how much each row's size is and the page number for the first or the last row ?

    I've search the manual and internet and still couldn't find the answer, if anyone would be so kind to give the solution, please.

    Best regards
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    Page numbers are meaningless and they can change during REORG. What do you need that for anyway? As for the row size, you can do a runstats and then look at the average row length. If you need it more detailed, then look at the manual to figure out which overhead comes along with each column and do the math in a SQL query yourself.
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