I got this error when i tried to connect crystal report to mysql stored procedure.
I create a mySQL ODBC Datasource Name. I used crystal report to connect to the datasource name and select the stored procedure in mySQL database. I prompt me the following error message :-

ODBC error:[Mysql][ODBC 5.1 Driver][mysqld-5.1.26-rc-community]Incorrect number of arguments for PROCEDURE mynetwin.SEL_IREG; expected 3, got 0.

The stored procedure name call SEL_IREG and it works fine in other database like MS SQL and etc.

Please help and very urgent...and i have tried this a couple of month.

my email is gilbert_low@yahoo.com

How to produce the error:-
1) create a simple stored procedure with at least one parameter
2) use crystal report connect to myODBC datasource and then select the stored procedure u created in mysql database.

Thank you.