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    Unanswered: Unable to move to new record

    Afternoon guys

    I have written the following code to run on exiting a text box it either keeps the inputted price or replces it with the current one if higher. It works up to a point but then won't let you move on to a new record have I missed something?

    Private Sub COST_Exit(Cancel As Integer)

    If Me.COST.Value <= Me.COST&#163;.Value Then
    Me.COST.Value = Me.COST&#163;.Value
    End If

    If Me.COST.Value > Me.COST&#163;.Value Then
    Me.COST&#163;.Value = Me.COST.Value
    End If

    End Sub
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    I see nothing related to a new record, so without any further details all I can say is that yes, you have missed providing us enough information to help you!

    You might want to try using After Update instead of Exit, but I am only guessing at this point. The code looks OK, although, I'd lose the equal sign in the first test.
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