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    Unanswered: Figuring out the new row id

    Hi,folks, I'm currently using Oracle 11g at Linux, and I want to monitor the blocks used when row migration happens. WHen row migration happens, the old block will store a pointer that leads to the new block that stored the updated data,right ?

    I want to know how to show the address pointed by the pointer. I just want to know which block contains what data. Is it possible ??? Oh yeah, also, the extent number if possible, since when I perform a test, the used blocks doubles from 6 to 12 and the extents used changed from 1 to 2.

    Cause I've been using dbms_rowid package and it only showed me the old address only.

    Is there any query that could show such data ?

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    Are you afflicted with Compulsive Tuning Disorder? & do keyword search on "chained rows"
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    Lol, you could probably say that, but finally I decided to go and read the new row id at the dump file, since I couldn't find any table that could show it T_T

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