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    Unanswered: tar and gzip question

    Hello again!

    I have a file filename.tar.gz. I would like to see a list of the files in the tarball as well as the number of lines in each file.

    I know wc -l will give me the number of lines in a file.
    I know that tar -t will give me a list of the files in a tarball.
    I know that gzcat will show me the contents of a compressed file without uncompressing it.

    My first attempt was
    gzcat filename.tar.gz | tar -t | wc -l
    but that isn't right....

    What I'm having problems with is putting these commands together to produce the desired result. Are these even the best commands to use? Is there a better (easier) way?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    you need -f with tar
    gzcat filename.tar.gz | tar -tf - | wc -l
    or with gnu tar
    tar -tzf filename.tar.gz | wc -l

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    This will give you a count of files because it operates on the output of "tar -tzf".

    If you want to have the line count of each file, you will have to untar the archive and then scan on the files.
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    Thanks for the quick responses guys.

    Maybe a list of the files will be sufficient for what my user is requesting. I'm not sure if he will want to untar the archive or not, but I'll present him with the facts you've given and let him decide how to proceed.

    Thanks again.

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