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    Unanswered: How can I do this?

    Let me explain a bit for clarity and to arrive at a feasible solution.
    I use microsoft outlook. I receive 500 emails daily in microsoft outlook from the exchange server. I want the emails received in microsoft outlook to be automatically redirected to a database i.e Ms access or MY SQL or oracle or SQL Server.
    How can I do this? Which of the databases will be the best? Will I need any third party software to do this or this can be done directly without using any third party software. Thank in advance to all responding.

    Here is why I want to do it.
    I want to send the email to the db and then I want those mails to be fetched by 10 users through an applicaton within a LAN. Each user will fetch a mail one by one so the the same mail does not get locked by two or more users. After working on the fetched mail the user will then release the mail after updating the other corresponding fields for the mail in the db. I cannot fetch mails one by one in outlook and I will not know if the same mail has been read by the other users and the appropriate action taken.

    An example:
    Let us for example have 3 mails received in Inbox. The mails will have three fields like Name, Contact No and Message. The mails will be moved to the DB with all these fields and the data against each field. Let us now call each mail a record once it has moved to the DB. Three more fields like "category", "subcategory" and "response" to be sent to the mail sender will be added to each record in the DB to each mail(record) received. The front end of the application will show each message of the fetched record and the category and subcategory fields for corresponding fetched record will also be chosen through a drop down menu by the person who has fetched that email. The chosen option from the drop down through the front end will update the field of the db for that particular record which has been fetched. In short, the drop down will categorise the mail and then sub categorise. As per categorisation the "response" field will get automatically updated will already stored formats of messages. Now the contact number of the user and the corresponding responses will be shown and exported to an excel sheet.

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    Before responding guys you might want to refer to this in the Access forum:

    Sweta - I would say this is not a SQL Server, Orcale or MySQL problem. You will need to use code that can access the Outlook COM library to get hold of these emails.
    That is the tricky bit and should be totally independant of the RDBMS you chose to store these in. You maybe could do the automation via SQL Server but anyone that suggests that will be insta-banned for a week until they admit their naughtiness.

    Access is an appropriate tool since it has a front end procedural language (VBA) that can do this. I would stick with the advice of the people in the thread I referenced above.
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    I'd cheat, and use an OutLook ODBC driver to make this simple. For $100 you can save many hour of work, and make this process trivially easy compared to writing the code needed to do it.


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