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Thread: DBSCHEMA Hangs

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    Unanswered: DBSCHEMA Hangs

    We are on IDS 9.21 UC5 on Solaris, and when I run a dbexport, it hangs, and never does anything. When looking furthur, I find that when I do a dbchema -d triptik, it hangs, which probably explains why dbexport is hanging. If I do a dbschema -d triptik -t ALL, this works. Any ideas?

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    dbexport hangs

    dbexport will not run while sessions are connected so try onstat -g ses and disconnect users.

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    dbexport will export the db schema including the data.... dbschema will get the structure of the table...

    you can use onstat -g ses and kill the process thru onmode command. then, dbexport the db.

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