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    Unanswered: migration (v8.1 to v.91)

    m using db2 v9.1 ESE on windows
    i am trying to migrate databases on v8.1 to v9.1 using the backup image of those databases but it is throwing this error:

    SQL1704N Database migration failed. Reason code "3". LINE NUMBER=0.

    what ibm suggested is, increase the logfile size of the database you are trying to migrate. but in order to do that i need to first connect to the database but trying to do that throws the following error:

    SQL5035N The database requires migration to the current release.

    what is the next step i can try doing now?

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    what process you are following to migrate ? explain in detail

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    No, you don't need to connect to the database. You only need to attach to the instance in order to change DB CFG parameters. Exactly which statements do you try to execute?
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    hey thanks, i have successfully migrated the databases...
    i have increased the logfile size, then gave the migrate database command and have again reset the default logfilesize...

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