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    Unanswered: Email Trigger

    Is there a way in Pervasive to Email a message when a trigger is activated?
    If a sales order ship date is changed - email the sales rep that the ship date has been modified to m/d/yy
    The trigger will be activated when the order is updated - then send an email.
    I'm using Pervasive V10.00.151
    Thanks in advance

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    You might look at the AuditMaster product. If it doesn't do what you need, there's no other way to send an email.
    The Pervasive Trigger support is limited to internal Database functions. It can't send an email. Also, if a Trigger is added to a file, then Btrieve access for that Trigger action is disabled. For example, if you add an Update Trigger then Btrieve Updates will return a status 149.
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    Thanks, looks like I'll have to do it the hard way.

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