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    Unanswered: Format a WRITE statement - Bold, text size


    Can someone please tell me how to format a WRITE statement? I need to bold the headings. Here is the code I have now:

    strOutput = MyPad(rs.Fields(2).Name, 15) & MyPad(rs.Fields(3).Name, 15) & MyPad(rs.Fields(4).Name, 15)
    TextFile.writeline strOutput & vbNewLine

    MyPad is just padding the field with the spaces I need.

    Can anyone help?

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    bold the headings.. in a text file?
    unless you encode some printer control codes (as in the old pre windows days) I don't think you can do this sort of thing

    I think this is possibly the wrong approach, what you should be doing is doing formatting in a report and save the report (as a snap shot or as a PDF).. you can get PDF classes/PDF formatters for not a lot of money.... some may even be FoC.. personally I use an Acrobat PDF writer

    the other approach could be to output the data as an XML stream and encode the formatting in the XML stream. you may need to develop a style sheet to handle that, you may even be able to grab a pre-existing style sheet.
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