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    Unanswered: Sql Query.

    Hi , I have a sql code as below which returns the output as follows:
    s_sequence_desc  s_resource_id             no column name no column
    Create	          Ganesan                   NULL	Pending	
    Create	          Anand Ramachandran        NULL	Pending	
    Create	          Chakravarty,Amrita        NULL	Pending	
    Create	          Ahamed Hussain Mohammed   NULL	Pending	
    Create	          Account Manager           NULL	Pending
    I want to combine all the s_resource_id column values into one single value.The values should be seperated using / .Only one record has to be displayed.

    select s_sequence_desc,s_resource_id,null,'Pending','' from mas_project_workflow_users users,mas_project_workflow_sequence seq
    where seq.i_project_id = @projId and users.i_project_id = @projId and 
    seq.i_sequence_id = users.i_sequence_id and seq.i_sequence_id in
    (select distinct(i_sequence_id) from trn_project_workflow_current_status where i_project_id = @projId)

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    Substitute a slash for the comma:
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