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    Question Unanswered: Permission denied when try rename file after transfer data. (MoveFile)


    My main objective of this DTS is to create an Access Database with datestamp on the back of the filename. It will export data from SQL query in to Access Database.

    Steps as shown:
    1. Create date path : eg: C:/Desktop/20080909/
    2. Check if the file exists in the folder, let say if test.mdb exist, then will rename to backup any exsiting test_200809091000.mdb ( 1000 is time )
    3. Create table Test inside (Step 5)
    4. Create connection db
    5. Transfer SQL Query into MDB
    6. Access Database ( Path : C:/Desktop/20080909/test.mdb )
    7. Rename test.mdb to test_20080909.mdb

    It shows Permission denied in the bold line step 7. Why? Izit because after i transfer data into Access. the file is still open??? Or any other better method?

    Step 7 ActiveX Code
    Function Main()
    	Dim objFSO
    	Dim sFile
    	Dim sFileNewName
    	Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    	sFile = DTSGlobalVariables("Path").Value &  DTSGlobalVariables("FolderDate").Value
    	sFileNewName = sFile & "\" &"Redemption_" & Year(Date) & Right("0" & Month(Date), 2) & Right("0" & Day(Date), 2) & ".mdb"
    	sFile = sFile & "\" & "Redemption.mdb"
    	objFSO.MoveFile sFile, sFileNewName 
    	Set objFSO = Nothing
    	Main = DTSTaskExecResult_Success
    End Function

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    on the wrong server
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    this is likely a server permissions issue for the process that is running this code. if this is a sql agent job, it would be the account the sql agent runs on.
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    I need to manually run this DTS Package. If I manually run STEP 7 only, it successfully . But if i run the whole package it fail due to permission denied.

    I think is because when it transfer data into Access, the database file is still open.

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