Anyone had any experience eliminating the cause of these? Our connecting application fails, but only from certain machines. I've gone back and forth with IBM about this and they never came up with anything but the possibility that its a network error. Our site swears it isn't.

The ADM5502W message was due to old Type 1 indexes, and the password error just looks like bad password entry by users.

The db2diag.log is continuing to show the following errors repeatedly:
1) OSERR : 121 "The semaphore timeout period has expired."
2) check password failed with rc = -2146500502
3) ADM5502W The escalation of "1122" locks on table "SYSIBM .SYSCOLDIST" to lock intent "X" was successful.
The semaphore timeout errors and check password failed errors occurs approximately twenty times each over a twelve hour time span.