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    Unanswered: Assigning user to multiple DBs


    I'm getting frustrated as i cannot complete a task:

    I need to assign one user to multiple DB's

    Example User: user1
    Assign the user to DBs: db1,db2,db3,db4 -> but not to db5,db6

    i didn't able to do it with the GUI , I'm lost..... As far as i know it's possible to do all this with a querry like :
    CREATE LOGIN user1 WITH PASSWORD = 'user1password';

    after that , i'm lost, not sure how to grant the user access just to specific db's ( the user should have full rights on the specified dbs ).

    Can someone help me out ?
    PS: MSSQL 2005 with SP2

    Thank you in advance !

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    sp_adduser for the current database will do it. If you'll have mutliple users with the same access, create a role and then assign the users to the role. Makes life a little simpler.

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    If you are a GUI guy then delete the user under the database--> security and create the same user under main security tab and then assign relevant privileges/roles to all the db's one at a time.

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    It sounds like you are confusing Logins and Users, which is very common indeed. A login gains access to the server (it authenticates the client), but not to databases. A user has access to a single database - it has no scope outside that database. As such, you can have multiple users of the same name in different databases.

    You map a login to users - which gives access to one or more databases. Standard practice is to name your users the same as the logins they are mapped to.

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