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    Unanswered: Synchronization problems with MS Access 2003

    I am an administrator of a replica-set of 13 MS Access 2000 databases. The size of each one is around 1Gb. Some of them are located in one office (with LAN). The rest are in remote offices. We have a VPN between remote offices (not much of a throughput usually 500 kbps). We are using Replication manager (mstran40.exe) to make indirect synchronizations with them.
    Usually we make 3 - 4 (or more) synchronizations of remote replicas with the Main office per day. Additionally we make synchronization in-between remote replicas on daily basis.
    I have the following problems:
    1. When we make direct synchronizations between replicas in the main office (LAN) they usually are slow. If one of the synchronized databases is opened for office work the synchronization is extremely slow. Note that exchanged records are not a big number mostly several hundreds up to few thousands. The hardware is oversized.
    2. When no synchronization has been made for one or two days the database grows to the maximum size - 2G and gives an error message:
    An error occurred while using the partner member in the replica set; UNKNOWN REASON (-1003)
    3. Another frequently appearing error is: Out of temporary disk space. When I change the MaxBufferSize key in registry to 500 000 the synchronization is successful, but if I leave this value, after compacting database becomes not-replicable.
    We use this database for several years and I keep look for solution to these replication problems, but still have not find a stable solution.
    I will be very grateful for some help or suggestions on resolving this.

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    It may be a dumb question but have you tried to suggest:

    1. doing a synchronization in the early morning and then at the end of the day like just before most workers come into work and right after they go home? that way the bandwidth that is being used is at a minimal, with the exception of time zone differences with all your other offices, at least coming from your office it would be minimal.

    2. upgrading to using a SQL Server back-end due to the large size of the database at 1gig+

    3. trying to see if the company will upgrade your bandwidth?

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