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    Unanswered: Updating the Fixpack

    This topic actually relates to my DB2 migration question. So right now I'm going to install V9 onto my Windows box as a new install so both V8 and V9 will reside on the box. When i run the setup.exe to install the new fixpack for V9 will the wizard prompt me with the directory that contains V9? How does it distingiush between V8 and V9? Thanks.

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    I think that you should have placed V9 in a separate directory than V8 when you initially installed it.


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    I am pretty sure that the DB2 installer for a FixPak is smart enough to figure out the product version of the already installed FixPak.
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    You can see both the installation path like V8 migration tab and V9 update tab on picker panel. You can choose right one.

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