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    Unhappy Unanswered: Write conflict error in Access 07 database- Exclusive mode/Compressed shared folder

    I am a new programmer analyst at a university. One department of the school has gone out and created their own Access 2007 database to store recruiting information. As they are complete novices, their database is very simple, with 3 or 4 tables but no relationships between them and they are entering their info using forms. They are experiencing a write error when trying to enter information into their forms. Following is a message from one of the users having the problem:

    "I get a "write conflict"*error*message*and anytime this comes up, the records that I just updated will erase.* The*message*says, "This record has been changed by another user since you started editing it.* If you save the record, you will overwrite the changes the other user made.* Copying the changes to the clipboard will let you look at the values the other user entered, and then paste your changes back if you decide to make changes."* Then the options are save record, copy to clipboard, and drop changes. *We have tried all 3 options on different occasions, and all seem to either change what we updated to gibberish or Chinese characters, or the changes will just go away as if we had never entered them.

    I am confident that this error message does not have anything to do with the database being opened by 2 or more users at the same time. *Only 5 people have access to our database, and the regular users all work in the same office and do not use it at the same time. **Additionally, we open the database in exclusive mode which only enables 1 person to open the database, yet we continue to get the same error message."

    The database is being stored in a compressed shared folder, and one of the adjunct professors told them this could be a problem as well, but I don't think so because I created a test database and put it in the same folder and didn't have any problems adding records to it.

    I have also checked who has access to the folder where the database is being stored, and sent out an e-mail to them making sure they aren't trying to open the database at the same time as someone else. It seems that only one person at a time is in the database.

    If anyone could help me figure out how to stop this error for them, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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    OMFG what a situation :\

    Sounds to me like you need to seek the help of a professional microsoft access developer to get the basics of a small database working.
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