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    Question Unanswered: Update back end table slow over network

    Iím using Access 2003 with Windows XP professional. I have a front end data base with tables that are linked to a back end . The back end table name is Source Records. The user uses a front end form bound to a table in the front end called Data Entry. They enter the data on this form and once the data in the Data Entry table has been verified with a bunch of VBA if then statements I have an update query that updates the linked table Source Records in the front end with the data that they have entered in the front end Data Entry table.

    When I use it in my department which I believe is closer to the server it runs fine, when someone 2 floors up runs it the update query is painfully slow.

    Iím sure our network isnít the greatest but are there any tips or a possible redesign I could do to improve the performance of the update query? I would go to our IT with this but they are swamped.

    I would like to have many users using this but if I canít speed it up thereís no use.

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    Make sure each user is running their own copy of the FE, don't have lots of users opening the exact same file.

    You might also like to look at unbound forms instead of having the local table data copied with an update query.

    If performance is a critical issue, you also may want to consider upsizing the BE to SQL Server or MySQL.
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    Tony Toews has a few suggestions worth looking at:
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