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    Unanswered: Execute permission denied on sp_runwebtask mssqlsystemresource

    Hi All,
    Hopefully someone can help me with an issue i am trying to resolve.
    I have a client with a NET Framework 2.0 , SQL 2005 application.
    When opening they get the error message as follows:-
    'The EXECUTE Permission was denied on the object 'sp_runwebtask',database 'mssqlsystemresource', schema 'sys'

    I have tried to apply permissions via the master database for the specific NT User and also the internal SQL server user being called,
    no luck.
    I am unable to set permissions on the MSSQLSYSTEMRESOURCE database as this is hidden.
    I assume i need to create a user within mssqlsystemresouce and then assign permissions to it ....but how do i do this??
    Any advice seriously appreciated.

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    When you changed the permissions - did the error message change?
    If you do not have SQL Server Books Online (BOL) installed - please do so. The majority of questions asked in the SQL Server forum could be eliminated if people had access to bol. BOL

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    Execute permission denied on sp_runwebtask mssqlsystemresource

    Hi there and thanks for the reply,
    No i have chnaged the permissions on the internal SQL Server user , to have Execute As , and the error message is still the same as before , i have tried a combination of permissions , starting at the highest and working down , all yeild the same error message as before.
    Any more ideas please?

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