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    Unanswered: Books for Better Understanding

    Ok, I can't believe I am the only person with this issue, so I'll put it out there.
    I am not really a programmer or database developer, so I don't have time to spend really learning this stuff in detail, or researching endlessly, yet I have requirements that I need to do development from time to time.

    I have SOME programming background from college: Basic, Fortran, C, C++, and I have dabbled for several years in Access and generally been able to accomplish what I need to do - although at times my solutions are not 'elegent,' and may result in slow performance.

    I have several books:
    Access Cookbook
    Microsoft Office Access 2003 Inside Out
    Access 2002 Visual Basic
    VBA for Dummies
    and expecting Building Microsoft® Access Applications from Amazon shortly

    I am wanting to migrate to SQL server backends, to include OLE Objects, and to isolate user entry from the tables/improve my overall approach to the databases.

    My issue is that when I read these books, they jump from far too easy to beyond my comprehension without anything in between. And references to many of the things I am looking for are "off hand" something like "OLE fields are used to store OLE objects" with no explanation of how to actually do it. AND, sometimes code right out of the books fail to work for one reason or another, I am thinking of DAO and ADO stuff here, and because I don't have a good understanding . . . I go back to my method of "hack and try."

    All that to say this, beyond the books I have listed, can anyone recommend 1 or 2 good references that will round all of this out without having to allocate a whole bookcase for Microsoft Access books?

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    published by: sybex
    title: Access Developer Handbook
    price: eye watering
    quality: dogs dangly bits
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    I understand what your saying about books seem to cover the wrong things, too in-depth or not enough. The Building Access Apps you are waiting for is very good, with some great examples. I have added 2 more below. I often find it easy to search on-line for specific dev questions @ The Safari option free with O'reilly books is a great resource as well. Good Luck!

    Try looking at Amazon;
    Access Hacks
    Access Database Design and programming

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