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    Question Unanswered: Access Crashes when adding new objects on form

    Hi there
    I have a problem with a database, that we've been developing for about 10 years, starting in Access 2000. It's not huge, about 10 MB in size, and I start to have more and more problems that when I add an object to a form or report, the access crashes when I attempt to save the form/report. If I retry the same thing, it crashes again. Sometimes if I hit save after every move I do, it works and I can add an object.

    Question: How could such a thing be repaired? (I've already created a new database and imported all objects into it, the behavior stays the same)

    Or: Is there some software out there, that would "read" the old database, and freshly create each form and each object in each form with the same properties in a new database?

    Thanks for help

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    sounds likea corruption.. but if you've imported all the objects into another DB then it maynoit be that

    have you tried a compact and repair on a copy

    does the project compile....
    open the project, open a form or report in desing mode, switch to the code window and try a comple, it may be that you have a code compilation error which is causing grief

    is it possible you've blown one of the inherent limitations in Access
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    Try opening the mdb file using the /decompile option. Delete and re-import the form/report (or module) that's causing problems and "immediately" debug-compile after importing the form. It could be (if you happen to have 2 versions of MSAccess or did an upgrade), a problem with a certain dll that causes the form/report/module to become corrupt if you write any code before debug-compiling after importing from one mdb into another mdb (regardless of version). Best option is to re-import from a known good source and just always remember to immediately debug-compile after importing.
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    if /decompile on a **COPY** of your db doesn't fix it.
    export all objects to text and then import objects-as-text into a virgin db
    HOWTO by Arvin Meyer

    db-->text-->db does pretty much the same thing as /decompile but without altering the original db.
    also, if /decompile doesn't work because your db has an irrecoverably corrupt object, you can modif Arvin's code to skip that object and usually recover the rest.

    link points to early-bind DAO code so you need a DAO reference in the db.

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