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    Unanswered: OLE in ADP, a few problems

    So I have a proof of concept now: Access 2003 as a front end with SQL Server Express 2005 as the back end.

    I have a table with an autonumber field for primary-key, and an OLEObject Field.
    I can embed the object on the form by right-clicking and saying insert object; I am assuming that the method used in the code bank on the MDB form will work with ADP as well . . . But that's after I figure the next few things out.

    1. In the MDB version I can set the displaymode up as icon, but in ADP it says that this is a read-only property. Wondering if I'm missing something here.
    2. An alternative would be opening the OLEObject with a command button, but I can't quite figure out how to do that.
    3. Finally, when I double-click on the OLEObject, it opens the application (I have Action set to 2 to open in another application rather than in place) - for my purposes, I am expecting these to be excel spreadsheets. WHen I close the spreadsheet, there is an "image" of the spreadsheet on the form; I have to minimize and restore the window to make it go away, I have tried repainting, requerying, docmd.minimize and docmd.restore (minimize works, but restore doesn't - I am guessing because the form is no longer active?) Anyway that would be an aggravating solution anyway.

    Has anyone encountered these particular little problems? Have any solutions?

    The idea is to set up a request queue, where the users submit certain files, and list the date/time the request becomes critical (needs intervention from someone other than would normally be assigned the task because they are running behind schedule). So, I want a continuous form listing all of these requests with the most critical (based on critical date/time and priority) at the top. So, I prefer an icon or a command button to activate the ole object, and obviously not to contaminate the view when the user is done examining an attached file.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Answered my own question

    When I Embedded the files, there is a place to check "as icon", that solved all of the above issues. Now I have to see if I can do this with VBA . . .

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