I have looked for some previous posts on usage of XML in DB2, but I did not quite get what I really wanted. So, here I am asking the world what it is...

At my shop, we just got into DB2 NFM a week ago. Now, as soon as we got started using NFM, I got a request to store XML data into DB2 tables. As the requester is the biggest client (from Oz), I have no choice but to say 'YES, I CAN DO IT'.

I never used it before and kind of skeptical about the perfomance degradation of current set up.

Suggestions/Guidlines/Information/links/online manuals on following

Usage of XML in DB2 V8 NFM/FFM
1. From a developer's perspective (as I need to render help sometimes)
2. From a system programmer's perspective (the guy who does this is also new, so I might be of help)
3. And ofcourse from a DBA's perspective

If anyone can address these points/concerns of mine, I would really appreciate.

Ricky Ponting
-Tower Insurance