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    Unanswered: IT Budget/Project Funding (Virtualization)

    Hey folks, I was wondering, how are your IT budgets till the end of the year and if you are able to get projects approved for funding, and what trick (if any) do you use to get projects funded. We are having tough time to get our projects off the ground. Any advice will be appreciated

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    1) Provide options. Give a SWOT analysis for each option. Give no more than 4. Make one of the options "if we do nothing"
    2) Remember everything comes down to ROI. Sometimes you have to be creative with ROI - depends on the project.
    3) A lot of other things depend on the nature of the project e.g. nowadays I am working on products so I have to work with marketing & sales to put together 3 year sales forecasts which in turn feed into the ROI and SWOT. In the past I have worked on internal stuff only, in which case you are emphasising efficiency gains more.
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