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Farmers� Market Database

With all of the major supermarkets today, such as Wal-Mart, Target, and Kroger, it's often hard to find fresh fruits and vegetables that were grown the old-fashion way. Adding chemicals to the harvesting process just doesn't always produce the best results. Keeping this in mind, we've collected over nine thousand fruit and vegetable growers, retailers, and farmers' markets around the nation so you and everyone else never miss the chance to pick up some fresh food!

The Latest Farmers' Markets Around the Nation

The Oddity databases are known to be the best on the Web. We take our products seriously and want to provide you with unmatched database results. The information in the Farmers' Market Database is up-to-date with the latest locations available. Our staff makes sure to revise this information as often as possible so your investment pays off. We want you to be 100% satisfied.

An Easy-To-Use Database for Everyone

The Farmers' Market Database is simple to sort and manage. Using the latest and most common formats, even novice computer users can take advantage of the wealth of information in this download list. Whether you are a fresh food connoisseur or just like to keep up with the latest Farmers' markets around the country, this database is a great addition to any contact list.

Increase Your Website's Page Views

We have found that Web developers can really add value to their Websites by using the vast amount of information found in our databases. Mostly used for search engines and directories, our download databases are a hot commodity and help increase traffic. If you are a Web designer in need of substance that pays off, consider using the farmers' market database to extend your search results or create a farmers' market directory. Every single day thousands of people are searching for local farmers' markets and food retailers. Why not add some valuable content to your Website?
So dive into the Farmers' Market Database today and find the freshest veggies and fruits in the nation! You'll be happy to know you're getting the best of the best from the food retailers from this easy download list.

Record Fields: ID, Category, Sub Category, Business Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Fax, Email, Website, Country, Area Code Check, FIPS Code, County, Time Zone, Daylight Savings Time Flag, Latitude, Longitude, MSA Code, PMSA Code

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