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    Unanswered: ssearch list box

    I guess I have a rare problem as I have search almost very listing has something to do with the list box, no one asked this question. The Access doesn't help. The one thread I came across in another forum said that my request would not work. Hope someone in here has an answer. Thanks in advance.


    I have a ListBox that handles Multiple selections. It is working fine except searching to the right item is a pain. I have over 3000 items.

    It is only possible to type the first character in an entry for searching but after the first entry has been selected EVERY other entry will be treated as the first entry again.

    e.g I have 4 names


    If I type in "z", it will go to Zam and then, I type in a, it will go to Apple. Of course I want it to highlight the "a" on the word "Zam".

    Any idea.

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    Sounds like you have some code in one of the events (i.e. OnChange) or some other code on the combobox which is affecting how the combobox works. Do you have any code in any of the events on the combobox?

    I think there is also an autoexpand property of the combobox (but not sure the exact property name) which you might also want to look at which expands as you type.
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    The control is a simple "list" box. It is an unbound "list" box. The item are from a query.

    I have other control using "combo box", they work fine. I can keep on typing to get closer to the search word.


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    So use a combo box. Right tool for the right job!
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