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    Unanswered: append query help -> add to existing record instead of creating new

    INSERT INTO SdtPack ( [LIB section] )
    SELECT SectStd.sectionCODE
    FROM SectStd INNER JOIN SdtPack ON SectStd.studentID = SdtPack.SID
    WHERE (((SectStd.sectionCODE) Like "ANC*"));
    The SQL above creates a new record instead of inserting the data according to SID. Its like SectStd.studentID = SdtPack.SID is being ignored entirely. I also tried having SectStd.studentID = SdtPack.SID in my where but that didn't work either.

    How do I change the code above to get it to insert the sectionCODE into the right record?

    Table "SectStd" has fields "sectionCODE" and "StudentID"
    Table "SdtPack" has fields "Lib Section" and "SID"


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    Insert queries add records.

    Update queries modify records.
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