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    Question Unanswered: MS SQL Server 2000: locked record problem

    Hello, I've got a problem with Ms Sql Server 2000. Last day, a C++ application crashed while accessing the database. After that, several records can't be updated using this application. However, they can be modified directly using the Enterprise Manager. We have restarted the sql server to release all blocked entries listed on the current activity section of the Enterprise Manager. We have restored the database too from a previous backup. None of these actions worked, those records remains locked and it is so rare because we don't know how this persistent locks work.


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    My first guess would be that there is something in the database, either in the rows that are affected or possibly some related rows that is causing this locking.

    I've also seen similar behavior in application servers and via data cached on the client (in cookies or registry entries), but those have become quite rare over time.


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    so sp_lock doesn't show anything?

    Can you Select the data directly via T-SQL query (I would assume so if you can view via EM)?

    what about something like this? (though this might be a bit extreme)

    select * into TableName_TEMP from TableName

    script out the DDL of TableName

    drop TableName

    set identity_insert TableName on

    insert TableName
    select * from TableName_Temp

    set identity_insert TableName off

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