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Thread: archecker fails

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    Unanswered: archecker fails

    We're on IDS 9.21UC5 on Solaris 9. When I do a level 0 archive with ontape, and then validate it using archecker, archecker complains about several tables it thinks are missing pages, but if I restore this archive to a test instance, and then run archecker, the validation is successful. Does archecker compare what's on the archive with the data in the database at the time archecker is running?

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    archecker Version 4.5
    TIME: [07/25/2007 06:38:42] Tape 1 started
    ERROR: BAD PAGE 100002: page->pg_frcnt 1524 != calculated 1528
    ERROR: BAD PAGE 100003: page->pg_frcnt 1524 != calculated 1528

    archecker Version: 8.0 is OK
    Scan PASSED
    Control page checks PASSED
    Reserve page validation PASSED
    Table checks PASSED
    Tables/Fragments validated: nnnn
    Archive Validation PASSED.

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