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    Smile Unanswered: help needed: how to update php values?


    I'm php newbie. For example, I have a php file like this:

    php Code:


    Now I want to create a HTML site with 2 input forms allow me change the values (content1, content2) without edit above file manually. I can enter new data and click update button, then it will update new values of above php file.

    How do I create this file? There are no SQL DB or complicated functions.

    Thank you

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    you need to define a form within your script whose action points to the same script
    you need to define some user interface (two text boxes) names the same as your variables
    you need to check if there is a value in the variables before assigning the variable

    if isset($Request['Value1']) {$Value1=$Request['Value1'];}
    have a look at the examples of designing forms in PHP
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