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    Unanswered: Brain Lapse...

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm having a serious brain lapse here. I have a report that is many, many pages long. It creates a page break after each investigator so a seperate 'report' may be mailed to each individual. The default page count in the report footer is ="Page " & [Page] & " of " & [Pages]. What I want to do is reset the [Page] and [Pages] to reflect what is accurate for that investigator, such as Page 1 of 2 and not Page 33 of 1,854.

    Make sense? Thanks all!
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    you may have to do your own page numbers, set them to 1 on change of investigator header, and add one each time you start a new page, or finish the old page

    you will loose the page n of n, but I've always thought that as mebbe a bit to anal.... just because we can print it we print it
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    Either that or loop through each investigator and print a report for each.
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