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    Unanswered: Linking to a .txt via HTTP

    I have a large order table that I get a .txt feed from MIS. They give me a URL and they write it out every two hours for me. They cannot setup an administrative share for me.

    Is there any way I can use the linked table manager to grab via HTTP ?

    Imagine my file is located in :

    Right now I'm navigating there, right clicking and saving to my access directory and going from there.

    I'm kinda new to access/vb. Maybe there's a code snippet I can run to go out to the URL and copy the file locally. Any ideas? Much appreciated!!

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    providing you have access to the text file you should be able to read it into Access. you may be able directly load the data into access, if not you will need to write a process using file I/O.

    Whether you can use file I/O on an file ON a server I don't know.... you will almost certainly need to grab the file using a FTP process, and then kick off an Access process to to handle the data takeon. the whole thing perhaps wrapped up in a batch process, say kicked off using a scheduled task in windows scheduler.
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    I have been navigating to the internal site, right click "Save As" and putting it in the directory where that txt file is linked to a table. After that my process runs fine. I just want to automate the part where I manually navigate and save as. FTP is the way to go? I don't have a user/pass to authenticate with. The IT people said "Here's a URL that we'll feed every two hours, bye." lol Can I still use FTP? Advice?

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