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    Unanswered: Continious Form Pictures


    I am using Access 2000. I have a problem with continuous forms. I have a image which is a link, only problem is its displaying on every record. On Current Event Procedure i have put the following code

    Me.ImgSC.Picture = [FileName]
    SysCmd acSysCmdSetStatus, "Image: '" & [FileName] & "'."

    It works fine under a single form, i know the Image is not bound. I have over 5000 records and i not want to use OLE as that will take allot of space as well i have to go to each record and embed it.

    Can anyone please help me or have a solution.

    Thank you in Advance

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    You are dealing with a form issue. If you link to anything from the record in the continuous forms mode, it will display on every record.
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    There is no easy solution for that.
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