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    Unanswered: How to use delphi work with SPSS.

    i use free spss component work with SPSS. i can access spss data file but i have problem when i need to pass parameter to SPSS for execute syntax and i need output save to excel file. i have NO luck when search in the internet for delphi sample code. Anyone can help me or give sample code?

    - Delphi 7
    - SPSS 13 and 16
    - Free SPSS component from Analyze it.

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    Can you tell what SPSS is doing? Where did you find the library. It should be shareware and is very expensive.

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    Using the In Summa SPSS Library you are able to fully leverage your Delphi or .NET skills using the same Property, Method, and Event model youve come to know. Now you can build web applications or desktop software using the SPSS datafiles.

    The following is a short list of the features and benefits you will find when using the component:
    Totl control of any SPSS datafile;
    Performance better than SPSS application itself;
    Read, write and manipulate any data in a SPSS datafile in any order;
    Read and write to the SPSS datafile without the need to close and open.
    Merge files in an easy and rapid way;
    Access the datafiles without the need of starting SPSS;
    Use multiple datafiles simultaneously;
    No Knowledge of SPSS syntax required;
    Get and set variable information and MD/MR Set information;
    Object orientated (instead of functionaly oriented in SPSS DLL)

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    option vs SPSS

    Please Check

    Is a good option to SPSS

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