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    Question Unanswered: registering license


    I have downloaded db2 version 9 through passport advantage.
    The db2ese.lic file was included but I have my doubts if this is okay.
    Db2licm output differs a lot from version 8.

    My "db2licm -l" shows:

    Product name: "DB2 Enterprise Server Edition"

    License type: "License not registered"

    Expiry date: "License not registered"

    Product identifier: "db2ese"

    Version information: "9.1"

    Annotation: "-1;(_b)"

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    is this a final version of db2 or some beta...? How did you apply a license?
    "db2licm -a lincense_file" is sintax.

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    Hi gofaty,
    thanks,resolved the license issue...the syntax of adding the license was correct

    FYI, what was going wrong is:

    In Version 9, you are no longer required to add the db2ese.lic license key. The db2ese.lic is handled automatically by the installer. After installation the user must install either the CPU or Authorized User Option license key. I was unaware of this and was only adding the license file db2ese.lic

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