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    Unanswered: Adding a parition with ALTER


    Is it possible to add a partition to existing partitioned index using ALTER and also changing the limit key in between?

    TS - SAMPTS1
    IX - SAMPIX1
    Partitioned - 3 partitions
    LIMITKEY - 1111, 2222 & 3333

    I want to add a new partition between 2222 & 3333, say 2999

    To be:
    TS - SAMPTS1
    IX - SAMPIX1
    Partitioned - 4 partitions
    LIMITKEY - 1111, 2222, 2999 & 3333. I have tried it using multiple steps, UNLOAD-DROP-CREATE-LOAD... but, is it possible with ALTER & REORG alone?

    DB2 for z/OS V8

    Steve Wawzynzak

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    It might be possible if you first alter the limit of partition 3 from 3333 to 2999, then add a new partition with limit 3333 and do a reorg afterwards.

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    You are right! We can alter the limitkey then add a new partition. But, I was wondering if you can do it in just one-step, as it is done in table-controlled partitions.

    Steve Wawzynzak

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadmanthedba
    I was wondering if you can do it in just one step
    No; the basic idea with adding partitions is that you want to gradually allow for new (i.e., larger) values in new partitions, without having to create those (empty) partitions already from the beginning.
    Otherwise said, your design should anticipate future partitions.
    Of course, the design can be modified (that's what you want to do); but that requires more steps.
    --_Peter Vanroose,
    __IBM Certified Database Administrator, DB2 9 for z/OS
    __IBM Certified Application Developer
    __ABIS Training and Consulting

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