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    Exclamation Unanswered: How do I extract potential information dynamically using Excel VBA?


    I have this Excel file, but the format isn't being supported here, so I copy a small part of it and paste onto Microsoft Word.

    I am needed to be able to extract potential signaling data from the Message Type doc attached, using Excel VBA. As you can see, there are many signaling types there, in the document, I need to extract the potential ones, meaning the every first signaling type, to copy the information to a new Excel worksheet and delete away the repeated signaling information.

    Anybody has got any idea on how to extract the potential signaling type?
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    Howdy. Since this is your first post, I will comment on your approach to asking for help. Your title reflects every person who ever asks for help - it tells us nothing. Most people would ignore such a post. Also, writing that you need "instant help" seems to imply that your request is higher priority than anyone else. I'm sure you don't mean that, but it comes across that way.

    As for attaching a file, while you cannot attach an .xls file, you can zip it and post that.
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    Hi Shades, thanks for the advice, I appreciate it! And yes I don't mean it that way I shall repost it again.

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