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    Post Unanswered: Regarding Concurrent Connections


    GoodDay, This is Ramesh. I am working as a PL/SQL developer.

    I have created one procedure to retrieve the data from Client DB to our local DB. For that we used DBLink. My procedure contains 7 cursors. Here the question is, how many concurrent connections would be needed to ORACLE to execute this procedure.

    Replies are very helpful for me..

    Thnaks in Advance,

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    If it is a batch process then you probably need one connection, BUT you can leverage the parallel processing in this case.

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    Actually we have one DBLink connection to retrieve the Data From Client DB.

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    I believe you might be confused about what a DBLInk actually is. It is not dynamic in that it is always connected. It is more like the definition of a connection and is only active when a process needs it. If multiple processes need it, then there will be multiple connections from the source database to the target database.

    So, even though you have only defined it once, it can be used multiple times concurrently.

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