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    Unanswered: Pulling information from prior records for new data entry

    Totally new to Access, just started last week. My company needed a program to keep track of venders and print checks. We have custom made checks so the fields are in different places than most stock checks, and I just couldnt' find a program that would track the stuff we wanted and print on our checks. So, I made one.

    On to my questions...

    Everything is working great on it, but I can't figure out how to do a few things:
    1. On the check entry section I want the check numbers to automatically increment from whatever the last check number was. But it also needs to be able to be changed if necessary (in case someone hand writes a check) Can't seem to get this to work right.

    2. On the check entry section I want it to also pull whatever the last check entry information was from that last vender (we have a lot of reoccurring checks).

    3. I don't suppose there is a fairly simple way to convert the numeric vaules into words so I don't have to type both? (e.g. $10.05 to TEN DOLLARS AND FIVE CENTS)

    I'm a pretty quick learner, but these have got me stumped.
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    1) (modified to add one) You could also use a DMax to get the largest existing value and add one to that.
    2) Open a recordset using the vendor control, using SQL that gets the last check entry for that vendor, and fill in the form using values from the recordset.

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