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    Unanswered: ribbon item stays selected


    I'm struggling with the new Access 2007 ribbon. I'm pretty new to the XML world, so I'm hoping someone can help me!
    I have 2 togglebuttons in a group. They display fine and perform the right action when clicked. The problem is that they stay highlighted/selected even after something else is selected from the ribbon.

    Here's the XML for the group:
    <group id="MaintGroup" label="Table Maintenance">
    <toggleButton id="BGA" showLabel="true onAction="mcr_frmBGA"
    label="BGA" />
    <toggleButton id="Ratings" showLabel="true"
    label="Ins Co Ratings" onAction="mcr_frmInsCoRatings"/>


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    I'm not much of an XML programmer but I wonder if you need to set one of the togglebuttons to False (even though you shouldn't need to do that with a togglebutton.)
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    Thanks, pkstormy. Hard to believe that it doesn't happen automatically. My problem is 2-fold...don't know XML and I don't know the ribbon. Might be that I don't even want a togglebutton! If I figure it out, I'll post what I've found.

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