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    Unanswered: Restore problem

    I have an interesting situation. I have a online backup image (on tape) that was taken from our production system which is DB2 8.2 (FP 16) on linux. I want to restore it to a new test server which is DB2 9.5 (FP2) on linux also. Since you cannot restore an online backup from V8 to V9, I am trying on going through an old linux test server that has V 8.2 FP 16 on it. The problem is that the old server does not have enough local disk space to hold the database. So what I am trying is to use FUSE to mount one of the partitions of the new server as a mount point on the old server. That all worked as far as setting it up. I start the restore process up and it cranks for a long time. and then it dies with an error

    SQL2025N An I/O error "4294966316" occurred on media "DAILY"

    Daily is one of my table spaces. It is not a rights problem, because the restore wrote over 150 GB of data to the partition. And there is plenty of space left.

    Any ideas?


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    are there any more error messages prior to this one in db2diag.log or the instance.nfy log? Sometimes on restores you will get more information in there then just the sql error that comes up on a prompt/console for a restore failure.

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