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    Unanswered: @#$%$ report, data order issue!

    Well, now that you know my mental state...
    I'm having a frustrating issue with a report that WON'T order my data properly, seemingly whatever I do.
    Surely I must be overlooking something!

    I have an "order by" in my raw query:
    SELECT DISTINCT ViewInventoryStatus.CustPN, 
    ViewInventoryStatus.MfgPN, ViewInventoryStatus.Qty, 
    ViewInventoryStatus.PackageType FROM 
    ViewInventoryStatus ORDER BY CustPN;
    I built a report on this query, and the data is definitely NOT ordered by CustPN.

    So then I went into the report-level Properties - and on the data tab set the Order By property to "CustPN", and set the Order By On property to "yes".

    And the data is definitely NOT ordered by CustPN.

    What the #$#@ is going on?
    I'm going to be the next viral video of "man in office throws laptop through window"...

    Most seriously - wtf?

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    Gocha! The Sorting and Grouping of the report overides anything in the RecordSource of the report. Set your sort order there.
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    What do you know, there WAS something in there.
    I must have set it with the wizard... I didn't actually manually go in there.
    Until now that is... deleted it, and it orders as expected!


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