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    Unanswered: HDR with Updatable Secondary


    we are running a HDR Environment with an updatable secondary Server.

    DRAUTO 0

    Is it possible, to put the sedondary server in READ ONLY mode after it detects a failed primary?

    We are stuck at this point (secondary detects a failed primary):

    11:14:25 DR: ping timeout
    11:14:25 DR: Receive error
    11:14:25 ASF Echo-Thread Server: asfcode = -25582: oserr = 0: errstr = : Network connection is broken.

    11:14:25 DR_ERR set to -1
    11:14:26 DR: Turned off on secondary server

    But the secondary server says its still updatable:
    onstat -

    IBM Informix Dynamic Server Version 11.50.FC1 -- Updatable (Sec) -- Up 00:48:28 -- 228144 Kbytes

    Some hints to solve this problems?

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    What happens when you run onmode -d secondary <primary_server name>

    Let me know.


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    onmode -d secondary...

    13:48:18 DR: Secondary to Secondary
    13:48:18 DR: new type = secondary, primary server name = tcp100006
    13:48:18 DR: Owner of the disk is set as tcphdr100006.
    13:48:18 Cannot create SMX pipes
    13:48:18 DR: Trying to connect to primary server = tcp100006
    13:48:18 DR: Cannot connect to primary server
    13:48:18 DR: Turned off on secondary server

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