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    Unanswered: running report at the back ground

    ACTIVE-PERL script to automate running report at the back ground on windows XP can I run my program and login and pass some key sequence to run my report,

    This is what I want to do;
    1-run myprogram
    a.C:\Program Files\my_program\myprogram.exe

    2-login to myprogram TAB key twice
    b.Enter user ID (user_1) TAB key twice ENETER key

    3-Run client report from file menu
    a.The do ALT_F,ALT_E NEXT (press ENETER key)

    4- Another menu presented with number of choice for selecting type of report
    To select the desired report I need to do
    c.hold SHIFT key and press ARROW-UP twice TAB key twice NEXT (Press ENETER key)

    5-Another menu presented
    a.Press the TAB key twice
    b.Then press ARROW-DOWN key once
    c.Press TAB key twice
    d.Press ENETER key

    6-The path name for saving the logfile and logfile name
    a.type c:\tmp\log\mylog then do ALT-S
    b.file already exists do ALT-Y
    c.Press ENTER twice

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    any one can help please

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