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    Unanswered: Do not leave space on blank records


    In Ms Access 2000, is there any way not to show a blank space in detail part?

    For Example I have a group heading called Stock and if there is no history for stock under detail I do not want a blank gap there instead move to the next record. The gap is there is because if there was data for the record it would come out, but if there is no record I do not want to show a blank space.

    Is there any way to get rid text boxes which are blank so the report is more compact

    Thank you in advance

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    place some code in the reports detail "on format" event to cancel printing if any of the required fields is blank then cancel printing

    its going to be something like
    if mycolumn="" then cancel=true
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    Yes... or if you don't want to show the space only if ALL of the fields are blank, you can set all the control's properties in the detail section to have Can Shrink to Yes. Do the same for the Detail section itself.
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