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    Unanswered: Access keeps encourtering errors

    HI all, I keep getting these error messages with Access 2003. its says access has encountered an error, then it will close the program out and have you send the errror message to Microsoft. Its an ADP its on SQL Server 2005? What do I do, it only happens in 2003 not 2007 which is on the test server. They have not pushed 2007 out yet

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    Do you have any idea what may be causing the error? Have you viewed the detail of the error?

    You're not really giving us anything to work with here.
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    If something works in one version of Access and does not in another, a good place to start is to check the VBA references and macros. I had a similar problem bringing an Access 97 system up to date. I could run the database in Access 2000, but when I tried to move it to Access (in 2003 format) I had a lot of trouble. It would not allow a reversion to Access 97 and when I tried to revert to Access 2000, it insisted on me reloading stuff from my Office 2000 Premium disc (which I assume were the required dlls etc.). Once I had done that, the next time I wanted to run a native Access 2003 database, I had to go through the reverse process.

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