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    Unanswered: OPENXML with Multiple Multi-Line Message

    Hi! We have an XML message like this:
    As you can see, under <ShipNoticeDetails> there are two elements (two of each), <EquipmentDetails> and <ProductDetails>, they are one to one mapping. The link is the <EquipmentDetailsLineNumber> element under <ProductDetails>.

    How can I get results in 2 rows like this using OPENXML? Or is there a way to do it without using OPENXML?

    ShipDate  EqLineNum  EquipmentID ProLineNum ProdEqLineNum Quantity
    --------  ---------  ----------  ---------  ------------  ----------
    20080926  1          E1          1          1             43.90
    20080926  2          E2          2          2             44.05
    Thank you!
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