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    Unanswered: DASCRT Command failed.

    I am setting up new server on AIX. I initally installed V8.1.1.64 , After which i installed Fixpack to upgrade it to DB2 V , in which i have instance folder and i am able to see dascrt and db2icrt files and... etc (total of 30) files. But when i issue the command
    # dascrt -u dasusr1
    ksh: dascrt: not found.

    Please let me know what's the problem.

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    ./dascrt -u dasusr1
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    Hey .. Thanks much . I got it ..

    Though i run the command with the root ID. There are some access permissions even for root it says

    DBI1088E Invalid access permission detected for directory

    I will get the permissions and then run the command. Thanks much

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