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    Unanswered: phpmyadmin problem

    hi all

    i have 20 mb sql file.

    in this file i have all tables and data.

    i have exported it with phpmyadmin.


    when i trying to import it with phpmyadmin

    it shows me following error messages

    You probably tried to upload too large file. Please refer to documentation for ways to workaround this limit.

    where i have do the changes to solve this problem.

    any ideas?

    thanks in advance
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    out of curiosity waht did the documentation suggest?
    I don't know if thats a PHPMyAdmin issue or a MySQL issue.. I'd guess its a PHPMyAdmin, and I'd guess it may be to do with the limit your PHP environment in the config file

    when I've hit these sort of issues before I've broken the file into several sections and uploaded those. whether that will work in PHPMyAdmin I don't know.. I tend to use MySQL Query browser, or upload using a PHP script
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    I believe one of the solutions of the problem - if i understand the situation right - is to make an inquiry to your hosting provider. They will insert the necessary data into the db locally.

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    you can try copy the sql script and paste in sql commands of the phpmyadmin and execute.

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