Hello all,

In all my searching in groups and google regarding my goal seems to get me close, but no cigar...(maybe not using the correct search string?). Anyhow, here goes:

I've got a "Job" form with some of the following bound fields:

What I would love to be able to do is click a "Schedule Job" button and:

open Outlook calendar, with the CustName, CustAddress, Hours variables in tow
Click the Outlook calendar to add the new appointment
calendar subject = CustName
calendar location = CustAddress
calendar duration = Hours
...On Outlook Close
return Outlook startdate (date and time, from what I understand) to my access "Job" form.

I hope my description of my goal is understandable? I've researched the Outlook withevents, due to the beauty of "listening" for a changed appointment, which would be great! Any guidance or links to something along the lines of my goal would be great!

Thank you all for helping me rid my migraine!